Rapid Prototyping
+ 3d Engineering


Rapid prototyping eliminates the need for elaborate and expensive mold equipment in favor of a quick and efficient printed mold ready for casting in a variety of alloys, for a wide assortment of applications.


Our Prototyping Engineers design and program state of the art printed molds to produce prototypes for direct casting in industry grade materials. Our engineers can also create highly complex mold assemblies, as well as short runs of production cores, including highly complex one-off prototype cores. By offering rapid prototyping, our customers could be holding a prototype in a matter of days, rather than months. We can also prototype variations on a design or part, which allows a degree of creative problem solving previously limited by cost and efficiency.

Complete in-house services take your projects from engineering concept to 3-D rapid prototype to casting to final component, reducing overall time frame and supplier costs.

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